Support Services

Om Consulting Services provides a wide range of technology support services so you can concentrate on *your* business and not the infrastructure and equipment that keeps it running.

With over 15 years as a solutions provider, you can trust that your business is in good hands.

Website Design and SEO

We’ve been involved with Web Design since 2001 when all the coding was by hand using HTML. A lot has changed in the last 15 years and now it is possible for any user to have a great looking website and update it themselves using a number of Content Management Systems. The two that we use are WordPress and Joomla.  If you are looking for a web-presence for your business (or hobby!) Om Consulting Services can help set you up with a site that you can then maintain. Of course, we are happy to provide ongoing maintenance and updates on your behalf if you prefer.
What is a website without Search Engine Optimization?  SEO is crucial in today’s marketplace. The Internet has grown and search engine developers have devised ways of cataloging and finding websites for searchers. Over time many strategies have developed that help these search engines understand which sites are the closest match to the searches being performed so that you and I can get the best, most relevant results. SEO is all about leveraging those search strategies to help place your website at the top of the search result list.

Cloud Integration

There are many  advantages to using the cloud in today’s day and age. This is one way to allow your offsite employees secure access to their working documents and to facilitate collaboration in a team environment. Some of my clients use cloud based backup in addition to local backups for a multi-tiered approach. We can discuss your needs in depth to find if this approach might work for you and your company.

Workstation and server administration

We’ve been managing computers and servers and their integration since 1999.  Windows workstations and Active Directory integration; Mac workstations integrated with Windows servers; Mac servers and workstation integeration thru Open Directory; Linux and Windows integration. We are experienced with all of these configurations and keep you humming whatever your needs

Computer and peripheral maintenance and integration

      We offer a complete range of troubleshooting and integration services to make your entire office system function smoothly. Printer, network storage, switches and routers…I can assist you in integrating any device you need to make your office run effectively.

Data protection

Do you know where your business’ data is backed up? If your business generates any crucial data you need to know that data is safe and that there are copies available that you can get to rapidly in the event of a catastrophe.  Om Consulting Services can design a comprehensive backup plan for your crucial data and monitor the data so you know you are protected.


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